Ursa the Big Bear

Kalki: Hey, it’s Ursa! Big Bear!

Ursa_Major_constellation_Hevelius copy


Kalki and the two Girls are hanging out in Girl 2’s room, checking out the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling, when Kalki has a moment of recognition. It’s an Easter Egg for those who know Ursa Majorabout the role of astrology in Hinduism, as well as background on Vishnu.

In Hinduism, Ursa Major — the large bear constellation that’s connected to the Big Dipper — is known as Saptarshi, a term that also refers to the Seven Sages (or Rishis) who appear across countless stories and Sanskrit vedas.

Depending on the text, the Rishis are manifestations of either Brahma, Shiva, or Vishnu. Additionally, the two front stars of the constellation point to the pole star, which was the embodiment of Dhurva, a boy sage, whom Lord Vishnu honored by elevating him to the heavens.


(Bonus Easter Egg: Vishnu in is first incarnation as Matsya, the fish, rescued the Seven Sages from the world’s great deluge. Watch the blog for more posts about fish!)


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