Comics in Kalki

(scanning the comics) I need a new look. Like thigh-high boots

What’s cool too is she’s all, “I look hot, but I got way more important shit to do, like save the world, and rescue entire cities.”
It’s not just about the outfit, like she can wear it and no one’s gonna be all ‘hey thanks for saving me and everyone I know, but what the fuck are you wearing?’


Yeah. But I mean she looks good anyway, so she wouldn’t care even if they said something.


In addition to the rich Hindu mythology running through THE CHRONICLES OF KALKI, playwright Aditi Kapil also draws on comic book mythology and aesthetic in the play. Kapil’s own love of the genre informs many of the comic book references, and like Girl 2, the teenaged playwright found escape in the pages of comics that championed underdogs and outsiders. X-Men and the Dark Phoenix saga were early favorites for Kapil, and her first exposure to superheroes that were powerful, but also deeply complex.


X-Men’s Rogue

Female characters in the X-Men universe like Rogue, Storm, and Jean Grey have bad-ass qualities reflected in the character of Kalki, and are also conflicted about their place in the world, just like Girl 1 and 2. As we’ve explored the play’s aesthetic in rehearsal over the past few days, we’ve also cited other tough women in pop culture, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Veronica Mars, to Frank Miller’s Girls of Old Town. As Girl 1 and Girl 2 embrace their power over the course of the play, what other strong women come to mind?

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