Inspiration from Joss Whedon’s FRAY

The KALKI team continues to explore color in the design process, as well as how a comic book aesthetic can be applied to the design concept. Images from the graphic novel Fray by Joss Whedon are really resonating with us — the rich colors and totally badass central character are a great jumping off place for lights and costumes. Here are some selected pages:

Fray Selected Images_Page_02

The way action moves quickly from frame to frame is something we are trying to emulate in our staging as well.


Fray Selected Images_Page_10

Like Kalki, Melaka is a badass slayer who vanquishes evil. She’s also in control of her body and exudes a confident sexuality.


Fray Selected Images_Page_11


Members of Company One’s artistic and production teams can access more of the comic by visiting the “Research Sources” page in the “C1 BIZ” Menu above, or by clicking HERE.

Not a member of the team, and curious to see more?  Get a copy at your local comics shop, or click HERE.


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