Girls run the comics world

Despite the stigma that comic books are just for boys (or “old guys” and babies, as Beti and Meat say to the cop), female presence is up at popular events like Comic Con. Check out this article on Jezebel — based on the “real historical research” that Beti demands for her facts — discussing how comic books have changed to reflect a more equal and diverse readership. What I love most about this article is the quote from MS. MARVEL editor Sana Amanat that echoes what Aditi Kapil has previously discussed about her experiences as an adolescent reader of comics. Aditi will be in town today to chat with the dramaturgy team about DISPLACED HINDU GODS and catch a marathon of all three plays. Be sure to come and show your support!

For further reading look to Tasha Robinson’s great article on what makes a “strong female character” at The Dissolve as well as this site devoted entirely to female comic book lovers. (And hosting a Geek Girl Con next October! Maybe you’ll catch Meat and Beti there.)

Jean Grey

“She looks good because she’s all-powerful and can smite them with a thought.”

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